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For most of my life, I’ve been living by other people’s rules – whether parents’, friends’, or society’s. What was I gaining? … some sense of safety, comfort, and belonging in a world in and about which I’ve felt nervous since childhood.

After many of years of challenge and never really knowing myself well, I have found a new way of living – one that is infinitely more securing, comforting and exhilarating. It has to do with knowing what I want on the soul level, and following that, because when I do, my heart it much happier. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s really not – at least at first – since living this way means sometimes saying “No,” being vulnerable, and leaving jobs and relationships behind. And, of course, the mind is always available and ready to weigh in at any time. But, I’ve found that the joy of discovering and living my soul’s greatest callings far outpaces the life that my mind creates for me. Perhaps my life-long search for some true peace and joy will help you find yours. Read more…

For some of us, living from our Soul and our heart’s desires is not an option; it is, rather, essential for a good life. Those of us with this need tend to think of ourselves as “different,” and have possibly struggled mightily in the throes or our mind-based culture. But maybe we are the ones who are ushering in a new way for the world: Perhaps living from the heart is more of what humanity actually wants right now. Perhaps it is what you want right now. If so, let’s take this journey together.

If you believe in the power of the human spirit, then you already know the great power within you. Now is the time for all of us to connect with this power and to bring our light to the world, for the purpose of an infinitely more harmonious, satisfying, and fulfilling experience here.

Ultimately, the only way to “change our world,” is for each of us to the “be the change.” Gandhi knew this and practiced it, and you can too. Training, coaching, and practice will transform your relationships … whether to yourself, to others, or to life itself. I know, because I’ve had to learn … .

So, let’s begin!



What do you desire? Clarity, more love for yourself and others,  a more joyful life? Let’s find out!

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